Mayflower Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. iSuppli: Intel and AMD retain market share amid fast growth
  2. Intel: Computers of the future will anticipate the needs of people
    and 22nm microprocessors are already in production
  3. Fudzilla: Sandy Bridge GPU gets disabled with discrete GPU
    and Zacate Fusion works at 1.6GHz
  4. X-bit labs: AMD to redesign memory controller in Bulldozer chips and
    Seagate's new self-encrypting HDD first to win key U.S. government certification
  5. The Register reports Intel eats crow on software RAID
  6. VR-Zone shares rumor: Nvidia preparing dual-GF106 for November?
  7. AMD Catalyst 10.9a hotfix
  8. Shacknews: No hard drive? No Halo: Reach online co-op or firefight for you

Mayflower Day

  1. Novell agrees to sell itself in 2 parts, N.Y. Post reports
  2. Technology Review: Why isn't the price of broadband obeying Moore's Law?
  3. The Register: Dell's Viking servers raid hyperscale data centers
    and the end of the beginning of virtualization
  4. The Inquirer reports Intel talks Vpro 2011 at IDF
  5. Ars Technica: Intel walks across Sandy Bridge, goes up Tunnel Creek
  6. The Register reports Intel's Sandy Bridge welcomes discrete graphics
  7. The Inquirer has Atom prototypes in pictures and
    reports Intel demos hybrid power laptop system
  8. C|Net: A slew of upcoming Asus laptops dated
  9. SemiAccurate reports ASRock launches yet another mini PC
  10. TC Magazine reports Palit offering first low profile GeForce GTS 450
    and hp 2310e 23" WLED monitor reaching the U.S. in two weeks
  11. Intel CEO: 'Simplistic' Apple TV is for 'mom'
  12. Engadget reports Trident and ARM get together to make smarter STBs
  13. Ars Technica reports Google hopes to launch music service with downloads, streaming
  14. It's official: Google Me to debut this fall
  15. Ars Technica gives away 13 more prizes
  16. Laptoping: Refreshed hp Pavilion dm3t 13.3" laptop now on sale
  17. Dealzon's deals: $445 off hp Elite AMD 6-core, $139 off 11.6" Alienware M11x Core 2 Duo,
    $130 off 12MP Nikon S1000pj w/ projector, and $10 off Laptop Buddy cooler

  1. Ars Technica reports iOS 4.2 will give all iOS devices wireless printing in November
  2. Macworld reports Apple dishes on AirPrint wireless printing for iOS
  3. C|Net reports iOS 4.2 turns iPad's screen lock into volume switch
  4. Engadget's iOS 4.2 on iPad preview
  5. DailyTech reports researchers try to explain why Apple iOS users are so slow at upgrading
  6. Hardmac reports Foxconn is making 137,000 iPhones a day
  7. TUAW reports Einstein Newton emulator running on iPhone
  8. Mercury News reports Apple to announce subscription plan for newspapers
  9. iPad: The missing apps at TUAW
  10. Engadget reports Palm webOS 2.0 preview video hits the wilds
  11. C|Net reports cell tax phone 'fairness' bill moves forward
  12. DSLReports: Time Warner, Cablevision offering 'free' NYC park Wi-Fi
  13. Engadget reports Netgear's HBR1210 HSPA+ / 802.11n mobile router pings the FCC
  14. AnandTech: Netbook and tablet fever at IDF 2010
  15. PC Pro reports Microsoft tablet to be "no thicker than sheet of glass"
  16. Fudzilla reports HTC working on Android 3.0 tablet PC
  17. The Register reports Dell comes clean on open source (how to compile a Streak ROM)
  18. AnandTech on Ocosmos OCS1: Oak Trail gaming tablet impressions
  19. Engadget reports Nokia software engineer says 'hardware rules,' software follows
  20. Digital Trends has Samsung Fascinate review
  21. t-break's HTC HD Mini review
  22. TUAW reports Angry Birds introducing Mighty Eagle, costs real money to skip levels
  23. Ars Technica & co. announces an Android App contest

  1. BSA: Reining in software piracy would add half a million new jobs
  2. NT Compatible reports Microsoft has released 7 updates for Windows Server
  3. GigaOM reports Move gets streaming patent; are Adobe & Apple hosed?
  4. Betanews reports Adobe launches 'Square' Flash Player preview, adds IE9 & 64-bit OS support
  5. Download Squad: Apple patches old QuickTime vulnerabilities with QuickTime 7.6.8 for Windows
  6. Ars Technica, Digital Trends, Engadget, and SuperSite for Windows on Internet Explorer 9 Beta
  7. Techgage on 5 web browsers: Which is the fastest?
  8. PC Pro pits Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 10.04
  9. HT4U on Nvidia GeForce driver version 260 - New features and more performance (in German)
  10. SeaMonkey 2.0.8
  11. SlimBrowser 5.00.095
  12. Hamster Free Video Converter

  1. Kotaku reports gamers unite to help grieving widow
  2. MacGamer on the second-hand game problem
  3. TUAW shares rumor: Left 4 Dead on the Mac by October 5?
  4. shares 5 tips for a healthier gaming PC
  5. Joystiq reports PS3 firmware update 3.50 coming September 21, adds 3D Blu-ray support
  6. Phil Spencer: Halo: Reach generated $200 million in one day of sales
  7. PC Gamer: We ask Gabe Newell about piracy, DRM, and episode three
  8. Shacknews: EA CFO discusses success of DLC and reception of company's online
    pass system and Devil May Cry rebooted by Ninja Theory in 'DmC' and
    Alice's Madness Returns with a new trailer, screens from TGS 2010
  9. VG247 reports Dawn of War II: Retribution first in series to use Steamworks exclusively
  10. Steam client and Supreme Commander 2 updates released
  11. KitGuru reviews Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)
  12. Björn3D reviews Mafia II
  13. Shacknews reviews Mafia II: Jimmy's Vendetta DLC
  14. Gaming Heaven reviews Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3)
  15. GamersHell and NGOHQ have FIFA 11 demo
Systems and storage

  1. AnandTech on context-aware computing - Intel paints the future of devices
  2. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews CyberPower
    Gamer Xtreme 8500: How far can SLI 450's go?
  3. reviews Acer Aspire 5745DG 3D notebook
  4. Digital Trends on Lenovo IdeaPad V460
  5. PC Perspective's AMD Zacate APU performance preview
  6. OC3D on Core i7-970: The search for 5GHz
  7. TweakTown on MSI 870A Fuzion A and N-Mode
    testing w/ R5870 Lightning & N465GTX Twin Frozr
  8. reviews Asus P7F7-E WS SuperComputer
  9. EOC reviews Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe
  10. Modders-Inc reviews Asus P7H55D-M EVO
  11. ITShootOut reviews Asus Rampage III Gene
  12. PC Perspective reviews MSI 890FXA-G70
  13. ProClockers and ThinkComputers review Asus M4A89TD Pro/USB3
  14. OC3D reviews Biostar TA890FXE
  15. PC Perspective reviews PhotoFast GBox Mini - SATA to USB3 adapter
  16. OC3D reviews 256GB Kingston SSD Now V+
  17. Hardware Canucks review 40GB Corsair Force SSD
Multimedia, case, and cooling

  1. bit-tech shows how to overclock your graphics card
  2. Guru3D and [H]ard|OCP have Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 SLI reviews
  3. Funky Kit and TweakPC (in German) review MSI GeForce GTS 450 Cyclone OC
  4. TweakTown reviews Palit GeForce GTS 450 Sonic Platinum 1GB
  5. HT4U reviews Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 (in German)
  6. KitGuru tests XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited 4GB in CrossFire X
  7. Digital Trends on new Apple TV vs. old Apple TV: What's changed?
  8. Engadget's Nikon D7000 DSLR hands-on
  9. LostCircuits on A.C. Ryan Playon! HD and mini
  10. 5 years of iPod nano reviews: An Ars retrospective
  11. PureOC reviews VisionTek CandyBoard
  12. Fudzilla has Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus tested
  13. PureOC reviews Corsair Hydro H70
  14. Hardware Secrets reviews Prolimatech Samuel 17 CPU cooler
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