Microprocessor revenues and shipments up, market share unchanged

The microprocessor revenue numbers from the previous quarter are in. According to iSuppli, neither AMD nor Intel saw its market change by more than a small fraction of a percentage point over the last three months. Intel continues to collect just over 80% of revenues in the market, while AMD's share sits at 11.5%.  Interestingly, when IDC calculated market share numbers last month based on unit shipments rather than revenues, Intel sat at 80.7% with AMD at 19%.

Despite a lack of action on the market share front, global CPU revenues rose sharply when compared to the second quarter of last year. Microprocessor makers enjoyed an increase in shipments of nearly 23% over Q2'09. Revenues were up by an even more impressive 34%.

Last year wasn't a terribly good one for the PC industry or the economy as a whole. However, second-quarter global PC shipments only fell by 4.3% from 2008 to 2009. A 23% increase over the same period the following year is quite the rebound, suggesting pent up demand for fresh PC hardware. The fact that AMD and Intel continue to compete aggressively on price has surely helped to spur PC sales, as well.

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