Leaked slide reveals mid-range Radeon HD 6000 specs

If you're going to leak something about a next-gen graphics processor, you might as well leak the presentation slide with all the nitty-gritty specs on it. That's just what the folks at Chiphell have done, revealing what may be the real specifications of AMD's next-generation Barts Pro and Barts XT graphics products—two cards that could be part of the Radeon HD 6700 or 6800 series, depending on how AMD feels like branding them.

According to the leaked slide, I understand Barts Pro will have 800 stream processors, 40 texels per clock of texture filtering power, 32 pixels per clock of pixel-pushing power, 1GB of memory with a 4Gbps data rate (presumably GDDR5, so 1000MHz), a 256-bit memory interface, and a 700-725MHz clock speed. Barts XT, the higher-end model, will bump the shader count to 960, the texel/clock count to 48, and clock rates to 850MHz for the GPU and 1050MHz for the memory.

The slide further notes that Barts GPUs are based on the same architecture as Cypress, the chip inside current Radeon HD 5800-series products, and that they will have both better performance per watt and more memory bandwidth than Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460 768MB and 1GB.

I don't know about beating the GTX 460; these specs definitely sound like a step up over the Radeon HD 5700 series, however. The Juniper chip inside the 5770 has 800 SPs and similar texturing capabilities to Barts Pro, but with only 16 pixels/clock and a 128-bit memory interface. (Thanks to Fudzilla for the tip.)

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