Release roundup: New cases, low-voltage RAM, and a 2GB GTX 460

With IDF in full swing in San Francisco, smaller hardware makers are probably in no hurry to unveil new products, lest they be overshadowed by bigger fish. Still, our inbox collected a handful of announcements from Lian Li, OCZ, and Zotac:

  • Lian Li adds two new models to its V-Series. Is it me, or does Lian Li have something new to announce every time we put one of these roundups together? This time, the company has introduced new PC-V1020 mid-tower and PC-2120 full-tower enclosures. Both have pull-out motherboard trays, side-mounted storage bays, and wheels at the bottom.

  • OCZ announces next generation ultra-low and extreme-low voltage DDR3 memory kits. These low-voltage kits are aimed at desktop users and rated for operation at up to 1600MHz, but according to OCZ, they still comply with the "JEDEC 'DDR3L' low-voltage standards." Interesting. Platinum ELV 4GB and 6GB kits purportedly run at only 1.35V, while the Reaper HPC and Gold ULV kits, available with 8GB and 12GB capacities, have 1.5V ratings.

  • Zotac announces GeForce GTX 460 2GB. The headline pretty much says it all: this is a GeForce GTX 460 with 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB. In addition to the extra RAM, Zotac overclocks the card's GPU slightly to 710MHz (up from the base 675MHz), and it throws a copy of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands in the box.

I'd be interested to see just how much of an impact 2GB of RAM has on the GTX 460. Our testing didn't show much of a difference between the card's 768MB and 1GB variants, though.

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