Radeon HD 6000-series 'Barts Pro' card to launch on October 18?

You know what they say about opinions and a certain body part. Well, one could easily say the same thing about hardware-related Internet rumors. VR-Zone has relayed some juicy details from Sweclockers regarding "Barts Pro," the upcoming mid-range Radeon HD 6000-series card we talked about yesterday... and those details contradict some of what we learned in Thursday's story.

Sweclockers' information points to an October 18 press launch for the card, which will reportedly be dubbed the Radeon HD 6850. Word is that the 6850 will have 1120 stream processors and a core clock speed in the 720-730MHz range. That SP count is quite a bit higher than the one we heard yesterday (800), but the quoted clock speeds are identical.

In an interesting twist, Sweclockers appears to have pulled its news post, leaving only VR-Zone with the information. Ooh, intrigue! VR-Zone also noticed the contradiction in this latest wave of rumors, but it says "all speculation" points to a launch between October 18 and October 25. That may be the only thing we can really count on.

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