Constitution Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Expreview: Intel displays overclocking performance of K-series Sandy Bridge processor
  2. SemiAccurate: Put 400GB in a DIMM slot
  3. VR-Zone: AMD Radeon HD 6800 described and
    rumor: Radeon HD 6850 on October 18th; is Barts Pro?
  4. Donanim Haber: Intel to support DirectX 11 with 22nm Ivy Bridge
    and Intel shipped 500 million GPUs since 2008 (in Turkish)
  5. Nvidia GT 430 on sale date revealed by KitGuru
  6. Engadget reports 30" Dell UltraSharp U3011 is now shipping
    and Apple's 27" Cinema Display is now shipping
  7. DSLReports: Why should ISPs (consumers) pay to be copyright cops?
  8. Rage3D Forums: Main Catalyst driver bundle no longer supports Windows XP

Constitution Day

  1. Larry Ellison: 'We can double Oracle's hardware biz'
  2. C|Net reports former hp CEO Hurd makes debut on Oracle's earnings call
  3. TC Magazine reports LG Electronics gets a new CEO a mind Yong resignation
  4. Fudzilla reports UMC bosses not guilty of illegal investment
  5. Intel: Leaked HDCP copy protection code is legit
  6. Ars Technica: Lawsuit targets advertiser over sneaky HTML5 pseudo-cookies
    and what's faster than rural Internet uploads? Carrier pigeons
  7. The Register: Intel Sandy Bridge many-core secret sauce
    and hp buffs up its new big iron
  8. C|Net reports Intel Atom chip circuits slated to shrink to 15 nanometers
  9. HotHardware: Asus reveals D525-equipped Lamborghini VX6 and more at NYC event
  10. TC Magazine reports MSI reveals the CX413 14" AMD-powered laptop
    and Dell Studio XPS 15 and 17 laptops said to be coming in Q4
  11. Engadget: Dell Inspiron Duo touched for the very first time
  12. DailyTech reports human vision-based supercomputer will drive vehicles
  13. Fudzilla reports Extreme Engineering reveals new military board
  14. SemiAccurate reports VLI launches USB 3.0 flash drive controller
  15. TC Magazine reports PhotoFast to release 430MB/s SATA 6.0Gbps SSD next month
    and preps the Power Drive-LSI PCI Express SSD and
    Zotac introduces GeForce GTX 460 with 2GB of memory
  16. DigiTimes reports large-size panel prices to remain flat in 4Q10
  17. C|Net reports hp eyes LED tech in latest monitor
  18. TUAW confirms 'iProd 2' is the new Apple TV
  19. Ars Technica reports Apple TV definitely running iOS, could be jailbreak target
  20. Engadget reports Microsoft Metro mouse leaks out, promises BlueTrack for $20
  21. DailyTech reports Google Music details leak: $25/year, one free play, streaming anywhere
  22. Ars Technica reports open source Facebook replacement Diaspora drops first alpha
  23. C|Net reports Yahoo! demos new look, faster Mail service
  24. BBC reports pi record smashed as team finds two-quadrillionth digit
  25. C|Net reports documentary celebrates 35 years of ILM magic
  26. Hi Tech Legion's contest
  27. Newegg has Zotac GeForce GTX 460 for $139.99 after mail-in rebate (thanks Daniel F.)
  28. Dealzon's deals: $230 off coupon for 14" IdeaPad Y460, $130 off 15.6" Acer AS5734Z,
    $110 off 12MP Canon SD940IS, and $120 off 250GB LG BD590 Blu-ray player

  1. Skyhook: Google made OEMs break business deals, infringed patents
  2. C|Net: RIM reports user base at more than 50 million
  3. Mobile computing set to get "keyless keyboard"
  4. eWeek reports Verizon Wireless to launch 4G LTE service in 30 U.S. cities
  5. FierceWireless reports AT&T to launch LTE by mid-2011
  6. DigiTimes reports touch panel supply chain gearing up for the second-generation iPad
  7. DailyTech reports Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to all 4 major U.S. carriers
  8. Engadget's Samsung Galaxy Tab hands-on (video)
  9. HotHardware sees ViewSonic's Nvidia Tegra 2-based G Tablet in action
  10. TUAW's found footage: Windows 95, 3.1 running on jailbroken iPad
  11. C|Net reports Windows Phone 7 will be GSM-only in 2010
  12. Windows Phone 7 developers finally get the final version of Microsoft's tools
  13. TechFlash reports Microsoft confirms YouTube on Windows Phone 7
  14. TUAW: Android is taking the smartphone market, but don't panic just yet
  15. 'Angry Birds' for BlackBerry
  16. TechFlash reports Barnes & Noble expects 25% of 'exploding' digital book market

  1. Threatpost: More than 1 million websites serving malware in Q2
  2. How-To Geek: Tweak ClearType in Windows 7 for better screen readability
    and use Aero Snap with Internet Explorer 9 Tabs in Windows 7
  3. TC Magazine reports PowerDVD 10 added support
    for 3D video via HDMI 1.4, only for GeForce cards
  4. Microsoft's Sinofsky on IE 9, Windows Live & more (Q&A)
  5. DailyTech's browser war 2: IE 9 Beta 1 vs. Firefox 4 Beta 6
  6. Firefox 3.6.10
  7. Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.4 and 3.0.8 updates are now available
  8. Google Chrome 7.0.517.8
  9. Download Squad: Google offers up WebGL demos to flaunt Chrome's hardware-
    accelerated rendering and IE Restorator fixes common Internet Explorer problems
  10. Opera 10.70 build 9048 (featuring UNIX fixes)
  11. SlimBrowser 5.00.096
  12. Belarc Advisor
  13. CrystalDiskInfo 3.8.0a
  14. Picasa 3.8.0 build 115.53
  15. AIM

  1. VG247 reports APB shut down, announces staff and
    Sega announces Phantasy Star Online 2 via TGS video stream
  2. IndustryGamers: Sony PSP2 is real, 'pretty powerful' and in developers' hands
  3. Shacknews: 3D Blu-ray movie support coming to PS3 on Sept. 21, Metal Gear Solid:
    Rising goes 3D on PS3 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam unveiled
    and Ico & Shadow of the Colossus collection coming in spring 2011 and
    Red Dead Redemption 'Liars and Cheats' DLC trailer details content contained within
    and Civilization V gameplay walkthrough video is 13 minutes of goodness
  4. Fudzilla reports THQ to try new low-cost model
  5. IGN: Activision 'likely' to sell game cutscene movies
  6. Steam client update released

  1. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews AVADirect Nano gaming cube
  2. Benchmark Reviews on Nvidia APEX PhysX: CPU vs. GPU efficiency
  3. [H]ard|OCP's NV GTX 460 1GB SLI vs. AMD HD 5870 CFX redux
  4. on Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 in SLI - can it beat AMD?
  5. Benchmark Reviews: Choosing the best LCD panel technology
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