Winners chosen in Xonar giveaway

After much deliberation, we've selected three winners for our Xonar giveaway. Entrants were asked to describe their PC audio setup, and there's quite a bit of variety among the TR flock. Judging proved difficult, as usual, but three posts rose to the top. So, who gets the swanky Xonar Xense?

Congratulations, EndlessSnowfall. You'll be receiving not only Asus' latest Xonar sound card, but also the Sennheiser gaming headset that comes bundled with it. EndlessSnowfall did a good job of channeling the spirit of our system guides, complete with pictures, and it looks like his rig could use a good discrete sound card and headphones.

We also have a couple of budget Xonar DG sound cards to give away. Those will be going to Trymor and ludi, our runners up. If you've won a prize, please drop Inkling a line in the forums with your contact info. He'll get the cards shipped out ASAP.

This contest wouldn't have been possible with Asus, which is releasing the Xense to celebrate three years of Xonar sound cards. Thanks to Asus for kicking in the cards for this giveaway, and to everyone who entered. Expect to hear more about these new Xonars soon, too.  I have examples of both in the Benchmarking Sweatshop, and more in-depth coverage is on the way.

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