Best Buy CEO: iPad cannibalizing laptops big time

I'd heard about the iPad cannibalizing sales of netbooks, but drawing users away from full-featured notebooks? That's another thing entirely. According to Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn (as quoted by the Wall Street Journal), that's just what's happening right now. Behold, the sentence that's making the rounds on gadget blogs today:

Mr. Dunn also said internal estimates showed that the iPad had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs by as much as 50%.

The Journal buried the quote in the middle of its story about consumers being increasingly drawn to shiny new gadgets—and retailers capitalizing on the trend. iSuppli's Riddhi Patel, also quoted in the piece, sums the situation up pretty well: "It has become largely a replacement market. . . . New features are not driving sales in a significant way. People are saying, 'I could buy a television or something totally new like an iPad that I don't already own.'"

Best Buy isn't crossing its fingers hoping folks will, once again, get excited about glossy palm rests and tacky touchpads. The WSJ says the retailer will start offering iPads in all of its 1,093 locations across the United States on September 26, and the retailer has also shrunk its movie and music selection to make room for additional "digital entertainment" products.

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