International Eat an Apple Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. C|Net reports Best Buy retreats from iPad cannibalization claim
  2. VR-Zone reports Intel Sandy Bridge die package pictured
  3. Intel: Larrabee unlikely to be released as GPU
  4. Engadget reports Dell's AMD offerings go mainstream with Inspiron M501R, M5030
  5. Pictures preview for Gainward GTS 450 GOOD on Expreview
  6. TUAW reports PlayStation Move on sale now at Amazon
  7. Shacknews has Civilization V review
  8. VE3D reports 2K Games releases full Civilization V manual

International Eat an Apple Day

  1. BusinessWeek reports Dell plans more than $100 billion spending in China
  2. TechFlash reports VMware, Attachmate eye Novell and
    Microsoft-backed group issues warning on Google-ITA deal
  3. WSJ reports U.S. tech probe nears end
  4. TG Daily reports USB 3.0 to begin hitting critical mass in 2011
  5. Sharky Extreme's biweekly CPU prices
  6. VR-Zone reports Panasonic launches 3 new business Toughbooks
  7. Engadget reports Lenovo LePad to ship in December,
    IdeaPad U1 Hybrid dock slated for January 2011
  8. TC Magazine: Viking Modular announces the 'Element' enterprise SSD
    and Team Group intros the F108 flash drive line and
    Addonics comes up with 5-drive RAID storage appliance
  9. TUAW: Have some Black Walnut with your Apple Wireless Keyboard
  10. CrunchGear has video: AiRScouter, Brother's futuristic head-mounted display
  11. Engadget reports hp V5020u camcorder does 1080p in style
  12. AppleInsider reports Warner Bros. execs find Apple's 99 cent TV show rentals too cheap
  13. C|Net reports Google testing higher-quality video chat in Gmail
  14. TechCrunch on MySpace's last stand: Project Futura coming October 15
  15. TechNewsWorld reports Facebook foe Diaspora releases source code
  16. The Engadget Show - 013
  17. HotHardware video podcast - Sept. 16, 2010
  18. Computer Ed radio show - Sept. 5, 2010
Newegg's guerrilla deals for 9/18

  1. $7 off 32GB Patroit SDHC flash card
  2. 32" Hannspree ST329MUB 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV
    (extra $70 off with promo code EMCYTZT147)
  3. $50 off Linksys E2100L wireless router (extra $10 off with promo code EMCYTZT148)
  4. $50 off Able Planet activie noise canceling headphones w/ a gifted
    8GB Apple iPod touch (extra $50 off with promo code EMCYTZT149)
  5. $95 off BlueAnt SuperTooth 3 Bluetooth hands-free kit bulk package

  1. FierceWireless reports Sprint trumpets 4G time-to-market advantages
  2. Ars Technica reports Microsoft says patent-infringing Android isn't really free
    and HTC moves beyond the phone, marginalizes Google in the process
  3. Flipping Dell Inspiron Duo tablet at IDF 2010 (video)
  4. Yahoo! News reports Hack delivers a Linux tablet for under $200
  5. C|Net cites reports: Motorola planning tablet for early 2011
    and did Apple kill smashing ad for Newsday iPad app?
  6. TUAW reports China gets the iPad
  7. Engadget's AIDACASE KeyCase Folio Delxue for iPad Bluetooth keyboard case review
  8. Engadget reports HTC Desire HD ROM gets benchmarked and
    Samsung's DI07 update for Epic 4G adds Media Hub, but does it fix other issues?
  9. Network World on 5 strange ways iPhones die: Insurer hears it all
  10. Engadget reports Google Voice apps returning to iPhone app store
  11. Daring Fireball reports Commodore 64 emulator for iOS now has BASIC

  1. Mac developers: 360|MacDev conference scheduled for December
  2. Macworld: Replace iTunes 10's gray color-scheme
  3. 9 to 5 Mac reports iTunes goes Instant via 15 year old
  4. How to resize your primary partition & add a second partition on your primary disk on Ubuntu
  5. Linux Compatible reports new Linux 2.6.26 packages for Debian
    and kernel update for openSUSE 11.3 released
  6.'s Momonga Linux 7 review
  7. When websites and web apps collide with IE 9: Questions and some answers
  8. How-To Geek: Add Google as your search provider in Internet Explorer 9
  9. Engadget has everythinng you wanted to know about
    the Internet Explorer logo but were afraid to ask
  10. TweakTown's AMD Catalyst 10.9 Windows 7 driver analysis
  11. Techgage on sharing your Thunderbird profiles between PCs and OSes
  12. Linux Compatible reports AMD Catalyst Proprietary Display Driver 10.9 for Linux released
  13. GPU Caps Viewer 1.9.2 released
  14. CrystalDiskInfo 3.8.0c
  15. TCP Optimizer 3.0.5

  1. TG Daily reports IGN gives indie developers a free place to work
  2. C|Net reports OnLive adds beta Wi-Fi support
  3. Engadget's Sony PlayStation Move shooting attachment preview and
    pictures of Sony's new technicolor PSPs and Monster Hunter 3 S.E. preview
  4. TechFlash reports Microsoft expects Kindle sales to top 3 million units by end of year
  5. Eurogamer reports THQ's Homefront delayed
  6. One week after the release of Frictional's Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  7. Shacknews reports Quake Live features available for free until Sep. 26
  8. Joystiq reports upcoming Alan Wake DLC features a song by a band you know
  9. Shacknews posts Weekend Confirmed episode 26
  10. Big Download reports Elemental 1.08 patch released; multiplayer now in beta
  11. Counter-Strike: Source Beta and Left 4 Dead 2 updates released on Steam
  12. Ars Technica recounts the history of Civilization
    and reviews Time Crisis: Razing Storm for the PS3
  13. GameZone reviews Elemental: War of Magic
  14. SuperSite for Windows reviews Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)
  15. Halo easter eggs (Warning: spoilers)

  1. Legit Reviews on Phenom II X6 1055T
  2. Hardware Secrets has a first look at Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H
  3. StorageReview on 64GB Crucial RealSSD C300
  4. PC Perspective reviews AMD FirePro V9800 4GB
  5. Fudzilla has Point of View / TGT GTX 480 Ultra Charged tested
  6. KitGuru reviews HIS HD 5830 iCooler V Turbo
  7. ThinkComputers reviews Antec LanBoard
  8. reviews NZXT Phantom case
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