Built-in instant search coming to Chrome

Unless you've been living under a rock since September 8—or, worse, you use Bing—you'll have noticed that whole "instant search" thing Google is doing now. Seeing results pop up instantly without having to hit enter is neat and all, but many of us initiate search from our browsers' search fields or address bars, robbing us of the functionality. According to ConceivablyTech, however, Google has a solution up its sleeve, and it's already begun implementing it in its Chrome web browser.

Based on ConceivablyTech's description, the instant search integration works in a pretty straightforward way. When the user types a query in the address bar, a Google page with live results replaces whatever the user was looking at before. A turned-page-corner graphic with an arrow at the top left lets the user discard the Google results and go back to his previous browsing session.

The report says Google will probably save this feature for Chrome 8, which is still two releases ahead. (Chrome 6.0 came out earlier this month, and Chrome 7 is still in development.) Now, Google has committed to a six-week cadence for major new Chrome releases, so Chrome 8 might actually be out in time for Christmas. For the time being, you can try out the pre-release instant search integration by grabbing the latest Chromium nightly and launching it with the "-enable-match-preview" switch.

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