DisplaySearch: 3D laptops aren't selling well

Stereoscopic 3D seems to be the latest industry buzzword, with everyone from movie studios to Nvidia hyping up the technology as the next frontier in digital entertainment. Are consumers really buying it? At least when it comes to laptops, DisplaySearch figures quoted by ComputerWorld hint at a general lack of interest.

DisplaySearch has worked out that, so far, only about 179,000 laptops with stereoscopic 3D capabilities have shipped this year—small potatoes compared to the 100 million notebooks that reportedly shipped during the same time frame. DisplaySearch expects this year's 3D laptop shipments will grow to 611,000 by December 31, but even that figure only represents "about 0.23%" of the overall market.

The way DisplaySearch's John Jacobs sees it, thousand-dollar 3D laptops are only appealing to enthusiasts. And even within that small slice of the market, many enthusiasts don't feel comfortable with the compromises involved. Jacobs says most 3D laptops have 15.6" displays with 1366x768 resolutions, but gamers "usually like laptops capable of handling full 1080p high-definition images."

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