Programming gurus debate future of graphics hardware

At the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, SemiAccurate's Charlie Demerjian sat down with Epic programming guru Tim Sweeney and Codeplay's Andrew Richards to discuss the future of graphics hardware. The debate started with differing opinions on whether Larrabee, the Intel desktop GPU turned HPC parallel processor, would work, scale, and ultimately have a future. This was not an official panel discussion associated with GDC. Instead, Demerjian sequestered the programmers in an abandoned meeting room and recorded the informal back and forth.

Demerjian started trickling out shaky-cam footage from the debate a few months ago, and all six parts have now been posted. There's about 45 minutes of video to wade through, and the discussion covers a range of topics, including fixed-function vs. generalized hardware, multithreading, and hardware vs. software rendering.

Part 1 of the discussion is embedded above, but it only scratches the surface. Those who are interested would do well to sit down and watch the entire series. But wait until after your morning coffee—this is pretty heady stuff.

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