YouTube user posts Win7 HP slate 'review'

HP's Windows 7-based slate is alive and well, judging by a video that appeared on YouTube earlier this week. The video, titled "Hp Slate review" and uploaded by a user who calls himself "x313xkillax," appears to be legit—or at least, a pretty good fake. Surprising, I know.

The "reviewer" says this prototype device has a rubbery back, an SD card slot, a microphone, a USB port, and a couple of cameras (one at the back and one at the front). The edges of the slate also play host to a home button, a keyboard button to bring up the on-screen keyboard, and—get this—a "control-alt-delete key." Here's hoping that's a clever joke... or Apple is going to have a field day with that one.

Speaking of Apple, x313xkillax claims the HP slate is lighter than the iPad. The device looks a little thicker, though, and considering it appears to feature an Atom processor and a full version of Windows 7, battery life might not be anything to write home about. Too bad the "review" only provides a brief overview without going into actual testing.

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