AMD: Third-quarter revenue will be lower than expected

After a disappointing second quarter, AMD was looking forward to revenue going "up seasonally" in the third quarter. It wasn't meant to be. The chipmaker broke the news yesterday, saying Q3 revenue will in fact be down 1-4% compared to the previous quarter.

Considering AMD posted revenue of $1.65 billion in Q2, that would put the Q3 results down in the $1.58-1.63 billion range. The Associated Press says that's well below the $1.71 billion analysts were expecting. However, it'd still be an increase over the $1.4 billion or so AMD posted for the same quarter a year back.

As companies are wont to do when announcing bad news, AMD has provided a terse explanation. This quarter's results will be down because of "weaker than expected demand, particularly in the consumer notebook market in Western Europe and North America," it says.

That explanation doesn't seem like a cop-out, because Intel also warned on its third-quarter results last month... and cited the exact same reason: "weaker than expected demand for consumer PCs in mature markets." Good thing the recession ended last year, right?

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