Smudge-prone netbook de-glossed with scouring pad

Glossy plastic is the scourge of the mobile world. Simply put, draping notebooks in shiny plastic that looks good buffed up for press photos but soon succumbs to a mess of fingerprints and smudges is an epic fail of design. Fortunately, it's one that may be easily correctable with a little elbow grease.

Lifehacker's Jason Fitzpatrick was tired of the smudges accumulating on his glossy Eee PC, so he took a scouring pad to the shiny plastic. The results speak for themselves. Gone is the gloss, which has been replaced by lightly textured finish that Fitzpatrick says makes fingerprints "barely visible."

Those averse to physical activity will be pleased to note that it only took a few minutes of dry scrubbing to erode the Eee PC's top coat. Ultra-fine 000# steel wool will do the job, although Fitzpatrick recommends green 3M Scotch Brite pads. Unfortunately, the only Scotch Brite pad in my kitchen is soiled with a couple of weeks worth of gunk that I'd rather not grind into my laptop's top panel. Lifehacker's results look promising enough that I'm going to pick up a fresh scouring pad and give this a shot, though.

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