Radeon HD 6000 debut reportedly postponed

For weeks now, we've been hearing that AMD will unleash next-gen Radeon HD 6000-series graphics cards in mid-October. So much for those early predictions. According to DigiTimes, AMD has chosen to delay the launch from the "original" October 12 date to a vaguer and looser "November" time frame.

DigiTimes doesn't say exactly which 6000-series Radeons the delay will impact, although based on recent stories from other sources, AMD was only priming Barts graphics processors for a mid-October launch. The rumor mill still hasn't settled on whether Barts GPUs will be sold as part of the Radeon HD 6800 or 6700 series, but they definitely sound like mid-range parts.

While AMD waits, DigiTimes says Nvidia will seize the opportunity to introduce a new, low-end GeForce GT 430 graphics card and cut the price of its GTX 460 768MB. The GTX 460 768MB already went down from $200 to $170 or so earlier this month, so an additional price cut might bring it closer to the $150 mark.

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