Biostar preemptively shows off P67 motherboard

Perhaps Biostar is hoping to cash in on the fresh, post-IDF buzz surrounding Sandy Bridge, or maybe it's just ensuring everyone knows what to expect by launch time. Whatever the reason, two pictures of Biostar's upcoming TH67XE motherboard landed in our inbox late last night.

The images, full-sized versions of which you'll find in the gallery below, show what appears to be an enthusiast microATX mobo for Sandy Bridge. The "H67" in the model name signals the presence of an H67 chipset, likely a successor to the existing H57. Four display outputs grace the board's I/O pane, along with FireWire, eSATA, and USB 3.0 ports. The TH67XE also looks to have a couple of internal 6Gbps Serial ATA ports, judging by the "SATA3" in small print next to them.

I felt a bout of déja vu coming on while looking at these photos, so I dug up this summer's Computex coverage. Sure enough, we got to see an earlier prototype of this very motherboard at the show, next to a full-sized P67 offering. If I recall correctly, Biostar was one of the only two motherboard makers with 6-series prototypes on display. (The other was MSI.)

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