At least two new Dell slates are in the works

With the Streak now out the door, Dell is gearing up to release additional Android-powered slates—including a seven-inch device due "within the next few weeks." At least, that's what Dell Greater China President Amit Midha told the Wall Street Journal earlier today.

Midha also confirmed one detail about the seven-inch slate: it'll be based on Google's Android platform. Of course, Michael Dell actually briefly demonstrated the device at Oracle World last week, and he let slip that the product had "all [his] normal Android apps." Too bad the prototype didn't seem very cooperative when Dell tried to scroll through a presentation.

There's more. Midha told the Journal that a 10-inch Dell slate will be out within six months to a year, too, alongside "additional" three-inch and four-inch products—although I'd expect those to be aimed more at the smart phone market, considering their size. The Dell Streak straddles the line between slate and phone as it is. Some of these upcoming devices will run Android, but Midha said some will also run Microsoft software, and Dell is "still considering" the use of Google's Chrome OS. (Thanks to Engadget for the link.)

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