Poll: Do you prefer glossy or matte finishes on your notebook?

Despite looking quite nice when all buffed up, glossy notebook surfaces easily become marred by an unsightly mess of fingerprints and smudges. When applied to a laptop's screen, glossy coatings also tend to create unwanted reflections in normal indoor lighting. However, matte surfaces can look rather dull and uninspired. And, at least in notebooks, matte displays tend to be dimmer and have poorer color reproduction than their glossy counterparts.

That brings us nicely to this week's poll, which asks whether you prefer matte or glossy coatings on your notebook's screen and other surfaces. You can cast your vote over on the right column on the front page or after clicking on the comment link below.

Last week, our poll asked whether you play first-person shooters on the PC or consoles. As one might expect from the readers of a website dedicated to reviewing enthusiast-class PC hardware, an overwhelming 83% prefer to get their FPS fix on the PC. Only 5% play shooters primarily on consoles, with another 5% sharing time equally between the two platforms. 6% of those who voted don't play first-person shooters at all, and only 2% avoid games entirely.

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