AMD's Barts Pro, XT may replace the Radeon HD 5800 series

When detailed specifications for AMD's upcoming Barts Pro and XT graphics cards (a.k.a. the Radeon HD 6750 and 6770) leaked out earlier this week, I said all we needed now was some pricing information. The folks at Fudzilla aren't quoting any figures, but their latest Barts-related story provides some pretty strong hints. Reportedly, AMD's two 6700-series cards will replace existing Radeon HD 5800-series offerings.

Fudzilla also says the launch is still on for October 18, contradicting a recent DigiTimes article that said AMD had postponed the two newcomers until November. AMD does have new cards primed for November, though: Cayman Pro and XT, which should be positioned above the Barts series. A dual-GPU "Radeon HD 6970" should follow later this year, Fudzilla adds.

If the 6700-series Radeons replace today's 5800 series, they could start at the same $180 as the Radeon HD 5830 and go up from there. Considering there are three 5800-series Radeons on the market right now, though, I doubt AMD would supplant that whole lineup with just two new cards. The specs posted earlier this week hint that even the Radeon HD 6770 is no match for the existing 5870, too.

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