Zombies stagger into several new games

Zombies have an undying hunger for braaains... and appearances in video games. Western sandbox Red Dead Redemption will become the latest title to incorporate zombies with a new Undead Nightmare DLC, and it's not the only one. Most Borderlands fans have probably already visited The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, and Shacknews has confirmed that the decomposing Nazis from Call of Duty: World at War will return in the franchise's upcoming Black Ops installation.

We mustn't forget that entire games that have been dedicated to the undead horde, either. Take the Left 4 Dead series, for example, or Dead Rising, whose sequel hit the PC this week (for $20 less than console versions, I might add). GamePro has published an article that looks back on decades of zombie-infused gaming, and it only scratches the surface.

Considering the popularity of zombies in recent titles, I can't help but wonder if we might be destined for the same kind of oversaturation that still has me cringe at the thought of playing another first-person shooter set in WWII. Thankfully, most zombie content seems to be limited to cameos and DLC expansions, so it hasn't become a stifling sub-genre.

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