Settlement site for Nvidia class-action suit appears

If one of your notebooks is misbehaving or kicked the bucket because of the whole Nvidia bumpgate debacle, you might be entitled to compensation, thanks to the time-honored American tradition of class-action litigation. A website with the domain has opened up, and it aims to "inform Settlement Class Members of the proposed settlement which may affect their rights."

As part of this proposed settlement, U.S. residents whose Dell, HP, or Apple laptops malfunctioned because of faulty Nvidia silicon could be entitled to one of the following: a replacement Nvidia graphics processor or chipset, payment from a $2,000,000 settlement fund, or a "replacement notebook computer similar in kind and value." From what I understand, the type of award offered will depend on whether you're still experiencing problems, you had to pay to have your affected laptop repaired, or your affected system numbers among "certain models of notebook computer manufactured by HP" (and you're willing to send it back).

You can find out more about the proposed settlement by perusing the class notice in PDF format. The website has a handy list of affected systems, too.

According to the dates and deadlines page, the proposed settlement will be subject to a fairness hearing on December 20. You can apparently object or exclude yourself from the settlement until November 5, but the actual claim period won't start until the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California signs off on the settlement.

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