Release roundup: Gaming on the go... and some thumb drives

This week in our roundup of new product launches, we bring news from Antec, Origin PC, and Super Talent:

  • Antec releases one-of-a-kind open-air chassis: the LanBoy Air. We actually saw an early prototype of this bad boy at Computex 2009, but there was a strict "no cameras" policy. Well, now the LanBoy Air is finally out, with all-mesh construction and yellow beams that make it look straight out of a construction site. The Air is pretty loaded with features, which you'd expect considering the $219.95 asking price. Antec includes five 120-mm fans (with room for up to 15 total), USB 3.0 connectivity, a "bottom-installed tool box for hardware and screw storage," a cut-out in the motherboard tray, and much more.

  • Origin PC unveils Eon17 high performance notebook. Sure, thousand-dollar notebooks like Asus' N82Jv may handle games well enough, but they're no match for the raw power of a Core i7-980X six-core CPU and dual GeForce GTX 480M graphics processors running in SLI mode. Believe it or not, that's what Origin PC lets you cram inside its new Eon17 notebook, alongside up to three hard drives and as much as 24GB of DDR3 memory. You don't have to go all-out, though. The starting configuration, priced at $2,499, includes a Core i7-930 and GeForce GTX 460M graphics.

  • "Unforgettable" flash drive from Super Talent. Taking the term "USB key" in the most literal sense, Super Talent's new thumb drives are tiny, waterproof, and available in capacities from 2GB to 32GB. Just don't go expecting mind-blowing transfer speeds, since these drives use good-old USB 2.0 interfaces.

That LanBoy Air looked pretty fun to tinker with in person. In the model Antec showed us, you could re-arrange the front fan and drive mounts at your leisure, and hard drives used a suspended mounting mechanism to minimize vibration. $220 is a little too rich for my blood, though.

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