Chinese National Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. iSuppli trims 2010 semiconductor forecast amid softening demand, rising stockpiles
  2. hp PR: Léo Apotheker named CEO and president of hp
  3. C|Net: Memo from Yahoo CEO's 'foxhole' confirms Yahoo exec departures
    and Comcast takes free anti-botnet service nationwide
  4. DSLReports: Levin wants to wire 97% of U.S. for $10 billion
  5. There is no plan B: Why the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be ugly
  6. Ars Technica: Why Intel's neutral stance on Atom in servers is a mistake
  7. Steam Wallet and in-game transactions are here
  8. Shacknews reports Blizzard adds opt-out to Real ID system, other preferences

Chinese National Day

  1. No net neutrality plan from Congress, so now what?
  2. C|Net reports Sprint execs resign from Clearwire board
  3. Google, Apache, Apple back Microsoft's patent-invalidation play
  4. C|Net reports Google offers JPEG alternative for faster web
  5. The Register reports Virgin Media introduces P2P throttling
  6. LG and Microsoft team-up in cloud computing
  7. ThinkComputers covers Nvidia's GTC
  8. TC Magazine: MSI readies GeForce GTX 460M-equipped GT663 gaming laptop
    and Panasonic Toughbook CF-C1 convertible notebook gets multi-touch screen
    and Toshiba unveils the Satellite C660 and Satellite Pro C660 15.6" laptops
  9. The Register: OCZ plays bottleneck card with new SSD interface
    and Seagate stuffs 3TB drives in NAS box
  10. VR-Zone reports Mach Xtreme Technology expands
    FX USB 3.0 flash drive lineup with 16GB model
  11. DigiTimes: Samsung to push new memory card format to compete with eMMC, SD
    and Apple AirPlay: The fuse to networked audio dynamite and
    Sintek Photronics sends samples of projected capacitive touch
    panels for new Apple iMac
  12. TUAW brings Apple TV jailbreak news: USB restore mode discovered
  13. Confirmed: Apple TV can play 1080p content from iTunes, but still only outputs 720p
  14. SemiAccurate reports Dell launches new color LED printers
  15. C|Net on the D'Agostino Momentum: High-end audio just got higher
  16. TC Magazine reports Gelid delivers revised Icy Vision
    VGA cooler with GTX 460, GTX 450 support
  17. Maximum PC on the 10 best ways to mess up your computer
  18. TC Magazine reports Google Instant added keyboard navigation, expands its reach
  19. VR-Zone reports Symantec releases online advisory on Facebook 'click-jacking'
  20. C|Net reports Xmarks may live on - in paid form
  21. Ars Technica reports Canonical announces Ubuntu One music streaming service
  22. Over 60 to be charged in Zeus Trojan cybercrime
  23. Wired reports EFF sues newspaper chain's copyright troll
  24. Ars Technica: "Operation Payback" attacks to go on until "we stop being angry"
  25. Scholastic study: Kids read less a they get older, but want to use e-readers
  26. Engadget podcast 214 - 09.30.2010
  27. Dealzon's deals: $50 off coupon for all Lenovo ThinkPad Edge, $40 off 60GB OCZ
    Agility 2 SSD, 15% off coupon 12" Lenovo ThinkPad X201, and $100 off 10MP
    Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX1 touch camera

  1. India rejects RIM corporate email solution: report
  2. Global LTE market to take off in 2011, says Nokia Siemens Networks regional head
  3. DSLReports exclusive: Verizon Home LTE beta test photos
  4. Microsoft CEO bonus curbed for Kin, tablet failures
  5. DailyTech reports Verizon unveils wireless trade-in program
  6. Engadget reports Samsung terminates support for Symbian and
    Marvell's quad-core Armada processor won't see tablets or phones,
    destined for a mystery game platform
  7. The Inquirer reports iPads are killing netbooks
  8. The Engadget reports iPad and Chromium OS dance on video
  9. 9 to 5 Mac: Internet tethering coming to iPad?
  10. Windows tablet delayed until 2011? Remember, they're already here
  11. TC Magazine: Motorola Stingray 10" tablet said to launch in Q1 2011 through Verizon
  12. VR-Zone reports Samsung signs agreement with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7
  13. Engadget: Samsung Continuum for Verizon has double the displays and
    Verizon scoop extravaganza: Motorola Venus with portrait QWERTY,
    Stingray LTE tablet & more?
  14. DisplayMate's smartphone "super" LCD-OLED display technology shootout
  15. Engadget's Droid R2-D2 hands-on and Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 4 - camera showdown
    and T-Mobile G2 & Nokia N8 unboxings
    and Sprint Epic 4G update now rolling out, promises 'increased 3G upload speeds'
  16. Mobile web usage jumped in August: Opera
  17. Ars Technica reports iPad owners bugged less by ads than other device owners and
    some Android apps caught covertly sending GPS data to advertisers
    and Android IM apps: Which one should you use?
  18. TUAW reports PlayOn TV for iPhone finally approved
    and Consumer Reports fixes crashing iPhone app
  19. VR-Zone reports Sonic the Hedgehog to make another iPhone appearance

  1. The Mac Observer: Revert iTunes 10 Windows controls, remove Ping pop-up
  2. Microsoft seeks a patent for its Helios distributed operating system
  3. PCWorld has an expert's guide to Windows 7 security
  4. TC Magazine reports Ubuntu 10.10 RC now available
  5. has top 10 text editors for Linux / Unix users
  6. Mac Rumors: Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.6.5 (10H548) to developers
  7. One year of Microsoft Security Essentials
  8. C|Net reports Adobe to fix critical Reader hole on Tuesday
    and Facebook Photos get high resolution, bulk tagging
  9. The Inquirer reports insecurity experts would banish PDF
  10. Computerworld: Who, or maybe what, is behind the Stuxnet worm?
  11. MacDailyNews shares rumor: Final Cut Studio update delayed until 2011
  12. Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download now
  13. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2
  14. Sysinternals suite - September 29, 2010
  15. Google Chrome 7.0.536.2 and 7.0.517.24
    for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame
  16. Geekbench 2.1.7
  17. TC Magazine reports Real Temp updated to version 3.60
  18. Picasa 3.8.0 build 115.66
  19. CDBurnerXP
  20. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery build 925
  21. USB Image Tool 1.56
  22. Virtualizor VPS Panel released
  23. The $100 Coolest Linux Worksapce Contest finalists

  1. Shacknews reports analysts weigh in on Nintendo 3DS 2011 release, Nintendo explains
  2. Analysis: Motion gaming could disappoint this holiday
  3. Shacknews: Red Dead Redemption 'Undead Nightmare' DLC trailer features
    Wild West zombies, undead bears and MAG 2.0 patch now available, adds
    Move support and NASCAR The Game 2011 officially announced by Activision
    and Mythic details "Re-Enlistment" bonuses for Warhammer, Camelot & Ultima Online
  4. Kotaku reports Dragon Age DLC gets all wrapped up in the Ultimate Edition
  5. CVG: Batman Arkham City - new Detective mode detalied
  6. Shacknews: Beyond Good & Evil 'HD' revamp coming in 2011
  7. Fudzilla: Cataclysm may not arrive this year
    and could Microsoft buy Second Life?
  8. F.E.A.R. 3's 'Almaverse' trailer
  9. Left 4 Dead 2 'The Sacrifice' trailer
  10. Final Fantasy XIV launches
  11. Civilization V and Team Fortress 2 updates released on Steam
  12. Ars Technica's hands-on with the Xbox 360 fall dashboard update
  13. TechSpot's Civilization V GPU & CPU performance in-depth
  14. Ars Technica shares Dead Space 2 multiplayer impressions
Systems and storage

  1. Guru3D's rig of the month - September 2010
  2. TR alum Dustin Sklavos reviews Asus U35Jc
  3. Hardware Heaven's ASRock X58 Extreme6 and Core i7-970 review
  4. Vortez reviews Asus Crosshair IV Extreme
  5. StorageReview on 2TB Seagate Barracuda LP
  6. Tweaknews reviews Thermaltake BlacX 5G USB 3.0 dock
Multimedia, power, and case

  1. [H]ard|OCP's "quiet" Galaxy GeForce GTX 480 SLI build
  2. Benchmark Reviews on Asus GeForce GTX 480
  3. Expreview on Zotac's GeForce GTX 460 Extreme
  4. SuperSite for Windows on Apple TV (late 2010)
  5. Techgage reviews Psyko Audio 5.1 gaming headset
  6. Everything USB reviews Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset
  7. OC3D reviews 850W NZXT HALE90 PSU
  8. OCC reviews Corsair Graphite Series 600T case
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