Deal of the week: An SSD and a cheap, jumbo-sized laptop

Although the pace of new solid-state drive releases has slowed considerably over the past few months, prices are still going down. Take OCZ's 60GB, SandForce-based Agility 2 SSD, for instance. The drive now sells for $139.99 shipped at Newegg, and if you don't mind filling a mail-in rebate form and waiting for a check, you can bring the price down to just $119.99. That's definitely not too shabby for a drive with a top quoted write speed of 275MB/s. We gave the 100GB version of the Agility 2 our Editor's Choice award back in May.

Notebook pricing isn't following quite the same downward trend as SSDs, but sometimes—just sometimes—you can get full-sized laptops at netbook prices. Such is the case of Acer's 15.6" Aspire AS5334, which Newegg offers for only $349.99 shipped.

This laptop doesn't exactly have awe-inspiring components, but it's not woefully under-powered, either. Acer includes a Celeron 900 processor clocked at 2.2GHz, 3GB of DDR3 RAM, 250GB of mechanical storage, a DVD drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and Windows 7 Home Premium x64. The display, as you've probably guessed, has a 1366x768 resolution. This system definitely won't beat a netbook on mobility or battery life (not with a three-hour rated run time), but for a cheap, stay-at-home kind of laptop, it seems like a surprisingly good deal.

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