The future of P2P

With last Monday's ruling against Napster and now Windows XP's attempt to curb digital piracy, what is the future of P2P?
Intel and IBM are part of a group building protections against unauthorized use into computer and device hardware, while Microsoft is building similar technologies directly into its operating systems. These security services have only been employed in a few cases, but they are becoming an everyday part of business for copyright holders and the big technology companies that work with them.

It's partly that prospect that has prompted a growing group of programmers, attorneys and free-speech advocates to call for political action--and increasingly for old-fashioned civil disobedience.

Sun is cooking up an alternative called "Jxta."
Jxta will include standards for how devices in a peer-to-peer network identify themselves and are grouped together, Joy said. It also will include a security mechanism to ensure that distributed programs don't harm the device they're running on, Joy said, in contrast to the e-mail viruses that afflict networked Windows systems.
A lot more to come for sure.
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