Cheap GeForce GT 430 listed in Austria

Slowly but surely, Nvidia's Fermi architecture is trickling down into cheaper and cheaper desktop graphics cards. After the release of the GeForce GTS 450 last month, evidence now points to the imminent arrival of an even cheaper derivative.

As Fudzilla points out, a listing for this derivative has appeared on an Austrian e-tail site. Fudzilla calls the product the "GeForce GT 430," while BA-Computer, the Austrian vendor, labels it the GTS 430. Both sources are talking about the same product, though: a Gigabyte GV-N430OC-1GI card with a gig of DDR3 RAM, a 128-bit memory interface, and an HDMI output. Fudzilla claims the card will have a downscaled GF106 GPU with 96 stream processors, too.

BA-Computer sells this still-unannounced item for €72.62 including tax. It charges about the same for Radeon HD 5550s, which start at $60 at Newegg, so that gives us a rough idea of what to expect. (Or, you know, we could do a straight currency conversion and get a totally misleading figure.)

The GT 430 might be faster than that price tag suggests, yet I can't help but think sub-$100 cards like these will soon be a dying breed. We saw in August that Sandy Bridge's integrated graphics keeps up with the Radeon HD 5450, and AMD's Llano will no doubt have a relatively potent graphics component. The future of entry-level desktop graphics may soon belong to CPU makers.

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