Technological Dissonance: File swapping's future

In the wake of the recent Napster ruling, Dissonance takes a look at the future of file swapping on the 'net, and finds it strangely familiar, yet nothing like the present. Why? The rules have changed:
There's a massive market for online MP3 trading right now, with millions of people navigating easy-to-use interfaces, search engines, and surprisingly reliable files. Those millions are about to have the rug pulled out from them. Without the cushy, warm, comfortable layer between them and the cold, hard, concrete reality of finding MP3s on the Internet, millions of Napster users will simply be unable to do what they've been doing so easily for years: download copyrighted music for free.
Love it or hate it, that's the reality, folks. Read on for Dissonance's unflinching take on what comes next.
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