New Fermi-based Quadros land at $599, $199

We saw entry-level, Fermi-based mobile GeForces last month. Now, it's the Quadro family's turn to get a helping of low-end Fermi goodness. Say hello to the Quadro 2000 and Quadro 600, which made their debut earlier this morning and, according to Nvidia, are already available either as standalone, PNY-branded cards or as part of pre-built Dell, HP, and Lenovo workstations.

Labeled a "mid-range" product by Nvidia, the Quadro 2000 has 192 stream processors, a gig of GDDR5 memory, a 128-bit memory interface, and a $599 suggested retail price. That card purportedly delivers 50% greater geometry performance than the previous-gen Quadro FX 1800, as well. The half-height Quadro 600 covers the "entry level" with 96 stream processors, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, a 128-bit memory interface, and a $199 MSRP.

Both offerings also have support for 3D Vision, 30-bit color displays, and Nvidia's Mosaic technology, which "will enable any application to utilize one or more Quadro professional graphics solutions to scale across up to eight high-resolution displays." That feature hasn't made it in quite yet, though—it'll be introduced in a driver update later this quarter. On that note, I should point out that the Quadro 600 only has two display outputs: DVI and DisplayPort. The Quadro 2000 has a DVI output and dual DisplayPort, er, ports.

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