3TB Caviar Green teased in new WD external drive

Some three months after Seagate uncorked its first 3TB external hard drive, Western Digital has joined the party. The new My Book Essential packs one, two, or three terabytes into a monolithic black enclosure. At the rear, you'll find USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, giving this drive native SuperSpeed connectivity. If you want to connect Seagate's equivalent 3TB offering via USB 3.0, you'll need a separate adapter that costs $40.

Buried deep in the official press release is the revelation that the My Book Essential uses a single Caviar Green hard drive to reach the 3TB mark. No further details are provided, but a component version of the drive will be "available in distribution shortly." Like its forebears, the 3TB Green likely has a spindle speed in the 5,400-RPM range.

We don't yet know how much the 3TB Caviar Green will cost, but when wrapped in My Book garb, it's going to set you back $250. That's the same suggested retail price as Seagate's 3TB external drive, which has since dropped to $200 online. Factor in the cost of the USB 3.0 adapter, which you'll want if you're going to be moving gobs of data, and you're looking at pretty much the same price for both drives.

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