Mad Hatter Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. The Register reports touchscreen iMac rumor snuffed
  2. C|Net: Getting a Windows PC to boot in under 10 seconds
  3. AnandTech: Intel's 3rd generation X25-M SSD specs revealed
  4. VR-Zone reports AMD Radeon HD 6000 card pictured
  5. SemiAccurate: Why Nvidia is killing their partners with branded cards
  6. [H[ard|OCP reports XFX gets boot from Nvidia
  7. Ars Technica reports iPad adoption rate fastest in elecronics product history;
    Windows 7 slates "this Christmas," touch optimizations in 2011
  8. CPU decoder ring becomes an app? Intel Boxed CPU Decoder

Mad Hatter Day

  1. Fudzilla reports AMD dismisses rumored Oracle deal
  2. DigiTimes reports Nvidia president denies shift of orders
    for Tegra from TSMC to GlobalFoundries
  3. TUAW reports Apple's North Carolina data center nears completion
  4. Google: Political system "shocking," we want to change the game
    and claims Oracle's Java patent suit invalid
  5. Smartphone maker HTC Q3 profit almost doubles
  6. C|Net reports Yahoo! to acquire ad company Dapper
  7. Twitter CEO steps down
  8. X-bit labs report Skype hopes to boost profits with the help of new chief executive
  9. C|Net reports IBM steps up cloud collaboration services
  10. The Register reports hp sprinkles GPU chips on new cookie sheet servers
  11. Puget Systems dials Serenity SPCR Edition to 11dBA
  12. DigiTimes reports Fujitsu aims to ship 10 million notebooks in 2012
  13. Fudzilla reports Ontario to launch in Q1 2011
  14. TC Magazine reports Super Talent starts shipping 1.35V 'green' DDR3 memory
  15. Register Hardware reports WD upgrades external HDDs to USB 3.0
  16. The Inquirer: With AMD Radeon 6000 series GPUs coming, what happens with Nvidia?
  17. TC Magazine reports Gigabyte rolls out 930MHz-clocked GeForce GTS 450
  18. AnandTech reports Gateway launches 3 LED-backlit displays
  19. TC Magazine reports Samsung P2770FH monitor
    with 1ms response time launched in the U.S.
  20. C|Net reports Sharp shows glasses-free 3D
  21. The NY Times reports Google TV announces its programming
    partners, but the top networks are absent
  22. Ars Technica: Google TV may finally get TV right in the online video age
  23. Engadget reports Sony's Google TV controller outed on ABC's Nightline (video)
  24. Microsoft releases special pink mouse in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  25. TC Magazine reports Razer readies two 'Special Edition' Naga MMO mice
  26. Engadget HD podcast 217
  27. Seeking Alpha: Can AOL succeed at the Groupon game?
  28. Engadget HD reports Avatar: Extended Edition
    Blu-ray release date and specs are finally offical
  29. Dealzon's deals: $300 off 37" LG LCD TV, $50 off 15.6" MSI A5000-436US,
    $176 off 32GB Archos 5 Android tablet, and $45 off 60GB Corsair Force SSD
Newegg's guerrilla deals for 10/6

  1. Invicta watch
  2. 640GB Samsung Spinpoint MP4 notebook HDD
    (extra $10 off with promo code EMCYTZT175)
  3. Belkin surge protector
    (extra $15 off with promo code EMCYTZT176)
  4. $10 off Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
    (extra $20 off with promo code EMCYTZT177)
  5. $15 off MEElectronics SX-31-WT earbuds
  6. 42" Panasonic Viera TC-L42U25 LCD HDTV
    (extra $70 off with promo code EMCYTZT178)

  1. AT&T: No one can stop our "paid prioritization"
  2. DSLReports: Clearwire finally starts clarifying throttling
  3. ThinkBroadband: File sharing court order hearing adjourned until 2011
  4. Ars Technica reports ISPs begin fighting IP lookup requests in wake of data leak
  5. KISS frontman on P2P: "Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars."

  1. Fudzilla reports Verizon to announce LTE specifics
  2. redOrbit: AT&T introduces its first LTE and HSPA+ LaptopConnect devices
  3. Engadget reports T-Mobile's Passes prepaid data plans leak out
    and T-Mobile finally brings Android into the Wi-Fi calling game
  4. DSLReports: T-Mobile settles text message blocking suit
  5. Study: Android is terminating RIM, Apple's marketshare
  6. C|Net reports Opera gets into mobile advertising
  7. Engadget on Hitachi's 6.6" IPS tablet display with amazing 302 ppi
  8. DailyTech: Tablets eroding netbook sales, harming HDD sales at the same time
  9. Tablet PCs will not replace conventional notebooks, say Acer founder
  10. TC Magazine reports the Asus EP90 Tegra 2-based tablet gets detailed
    and Toshiba to release tablets in the U.S., Japan early next year
  11. X-bit labs: Lenovo looking forward to ThinkPad Slate for enterprises
  12. Newsweek on the Android invasion
  13. Engadget reports Motorola is 'open' to developing Windows
    Phone 7 devices, but only if the OS proves compelling
  14. DailyTech reports Motorola announces Droid Pro
    Android smartphone with portrait keyboard
  15. Engadget reports AT&T debuts trio of Motorola Android phones: Bravo,
    Flipout & Flipside and Nokia N8 going on general sale October 22, available
    online October 15
  16. Engadget has Motorola's Droid Pro and Citrus hands-ons
  17. hp: New webOS 'phones' coming early next year
  18. fringOut for Android releases
  19. C|Net reports Netflix iPhone app adds video-out
  20. TUAW reports Google Goggles image recognition debuts on iPhone
  21. Engadget reports Qualcomm launches augmented reality SDK
    in beta form, ready to rock your Android devices

  1. VR-Zone reports Intel releases tool to port ARM-based apps to native x86 code
  2. ConceivablyTech reports Firefox 4 feature freeze imminent, RC1 delayed
    and Google proposes faster web, Chrome supports it already
  3. SuperSite for Windows: SBS 7 highlights gaps in Microsoft's small business strategy
  4. AnandTech on ZFS - Building, testing, and benchmarking
  5. C|Net reports Symantec's Ubiquity takes broad view of malware
  6. TC Magazine reports Adobe patches up 23 security holes in Reader and Acrobat
    and Trillian for Mac goes beta, gets Facebook and Twitter support
  7. KDE Software Compilation 4.5.2 release announcement
  8. Ubuntu Vibes: FreetuxTV lets you watch and record live TV shows on Linux
  9. Nvidia BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v5.7
  10. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
  11. SetFSB
  12. Adobe Reader 9.4.0

  1. Ars Technica reports game prices have come down with time
  2. TechFlash reports Ballmer defends Xbox spending
  3. Microsoft should spin off Xbox console business
  4. IndustryGamers: Gamers expanding to new platforms, at cost of traditional
    and PC games and EA victorious as court denies injunction against
    publisher for 'Edge' trademark
  5. C|Net reports 3D mobile display could transform gaming
  6. Fudzilla reports Xbox 360 likely to see price cut in 2011
    and Kinect setup has some requirements
  7. Shacknews reports Fallout: New Vegas PC systems requirements announced
    and Call of Duty: Black Ops supports 3D on PS3, 360, PC
  8. MCV reports GTA IV gets Complete Edition
  9. More leaked Duke Nukem Forever demo video
  10. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 update released on Steam
  11. Shacknews reviews Front Mission Evolved
Systems and storage

  1. Ars Technica reviews the 12-core 2010 Mac Pro
  2. AnandTech on Toshiba A665-3DV: 3D or not 3D?
  3. X-bit labs review Acer Ferrari One 200 netbook
  4. reviews Phenom II X2 560 BE
  5. HotHardware reviews 120GB Patriot Inferno SandForce-based SSD

  1. reviews KFA2 GeForce GTX 480 LTD OC Anarchy
  2. Ultimate Hardware and X-bit labs review Nvidia GeForce GTS 450
  3. Hardware Heaven's PowerColor Radeon 5870
    PCS+ CrossFire X & Eyefinity review
  4. Photography Blog's Nikon Coolpix P7000 review
  5. Benchmark Reviews on Microsoft Arc Touch mouse
Power, case, and cooling

  1. on best-selling PC power supplies
  2. TweakTown reviews 1000W Rosewill RGD1000 PSU
  3. JonnyGuru reviews 560W Seasonic X-560 PSU
  4. PC Perspective reviews Lian Li PC-T1R mini-ITX Spider test bench
  5. TweakTown reviews Scythe Rasetsu (SCRT-1000) CPU cooler
  6. KitGuru reviews Thermaltake Jing cooler
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