Nvidia won't tap GlobalFoundries for Tegra production

Sometimes, denials are interesting even if the original rumor hasn't had time to circulate very much. For instance, DigiTimes says Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang told the Taiwanese press recently that production of Tegra chips won't shift to GlobalFoundries. No, I hadn't heard about that rumor, either!

Huang reportedly emphasized his company's "strong partnership with TSMC," which sounds like it rules out an alliance with GlobalFoundries for production of chips other than Tegra. TSMC has admittedly had a rough time getting its 40-nm bulk silicon process up to scratch, but then again, GlobalFoundries is still partly owned by Nvidia's most direct competitor, AMD—and it's still new to the whole "bulk silicon" thing.

DigiTimes got a number of other interesting sound bites from Nvidia's CEO. Huang downplayed AMD's recent market share gains, suggesting Nvidia will get back on top now that its GeForce 400 series of graphics processors is almost complete. (Huang teased the imminent launch of the low-end GeForce GT 430.) The CEO went on to express optimism about the state of the current PC market and pessimism about CPU-GPU hybrids, pointing out design challenges and potential delays as downsides.

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