Signs point to imminent 11.6'' MacBook Air debut

That 11.6" MacBook Air we've been hearing about may be out before too long. The guys at AppleInsider have learned that Apple is paring down supply of the current, 13.3" MacBook Air, and they say all signs point to an imminent hardware refresh.

What signs? For one, Amazon, MacConnection, MacMall, and J&R—all Apple Authorized Resellers—have reportedly run out of the base 13.3" MacBook Air model. Only two of them carry the other, more upscale variant of the system. AppleInsider says this is the first time it's "witnessed this abnormal trend in regards to the Air" since it began tracking Mac availability in 2008.

The site goes on to say its sources don't expect Apple to replenish supply until the middle of this month—an "expansive" delay characteristic of a product refresh.

If a new, 11.6" MacBook Air does come out later this month, it would only reaffirm Apple's predilection for October hardware launches. You might recall the very first unibody MacBooks made their debut on October 14, 2008, and Apple refreshed its whole Mac lineup almost exactly a year later, on October 20, 2009.

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