Roundup: Google TV, the 600T cometh, and a pricey mouse pad

The flow of news hasn't been overwhelming this week, but we've still dug up a few interesting announcements that didn't make it into our main news coverage. Corsair, Logitech, and Razer are the stars of this week's roundup.

  • Logitech delivers Google TV to living rooms across the U.S.. Google made it clear earlier this year that Logitech would be part of the initial Google TV onslaught, and the Swiss peripheral maker hasn't disappointed, announcing several products due to hit stores later this month.

    The most interesting item is undoubtedly the Revue with Google TV, a "compact, plug-and-play companion box" with a matching wireless keyboard, HDMI output, and a $300 price tag. Logitech has also unveiled the TV Cam and Vid HD service, which will let users partake in video conferences from their sofa for the, er, not-so-low price of $150. Last, but not least, the $130 Logitech Mini Controller delivers wireless input for the Revue in a more compact package. Check out this page on Logitech's website for more details.

  • Razer unleashes the ultra-smooth Razer Ironclad. Everyone likes to play with fancy gaming mice, but mouse pads often get overlooked in today's world of laser sensors and smooth Ikea desks. The Razer Ironclad has an all-aluminum, "finely sandblasted" surface designed to deliver optimal friction. The pad measures 12.6" x 10.6" x 0.01", has a rubber base to keep it steady, and ships with a carrying case. Total price? $59.99.

For someone who might not think twice about shelling out over a hundred bucks for a mouse like Razer's Mamba Black, I suppose a $60 mouse pad might not seem outlandishly expensive. I think I'll keep using my desk, though.

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