Alleged Radeon HD 6870 photos leak out

While the next generation of Radeon cards will lose ATI branding, you can sleep soundly knowing they'll still sport black shrouds and red cooling fans. has leaked a couple of official-looking images of the Radeon HD 6870, showing a dual-slot card with a very rectangular design, a neat wave motif surrounding the blower-style fan, and five display outputs. You can view the images over at TechPowerUp—I can't seem to find the originals on

By the way, one of the images mirrored by TechPowerUp suggests this 6870 card will be based on a "Barts" GPU. A presentation slide leaked recently suggests that Barts GPUs may be on par with current Radeon HD 5800-series offerings. Barts XT, the quickest variant, apparently has lower floating-point performance, memory bandwidth, and texel fill rate than the 5870. Maybe that's why most other stories have said that Barts XT will materialize in a Radeon HD 6770 card.

We should find out the truth soon enough, provided the rumor mill isn't completely off the mark. Last we heard, AMD was expected to announce its Barts GPU on October 18. Other stories have pointed to a November release date, but that's still not far off.

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