Ubuntu 10.10 adds paid app store, new netbook goodies

The people at Canonical are still sticking tightly to their biannual release schedule for Ubuntu, it looks like. The latest version of the operating system, Ubuntu Linux 10.10, is now available for download in desktop, netbook, and server variants.

According to the official announcement, this release snazzes up the Ubuntu One "personal cloud service" with iPhone, Android, and Windows interoperability, improving performance and adding new services along the way. Canonical says folks can stream music from their Ubuntu One account directly to their phones and synchronize contacts. The free, base Ubuntu One service provides 2GB of capacity—extra 20GB "blocks" are available for a fee.

Other improvements: the Ubuntu Software Centre now lets users purchase commercial software, App Store-style. Canonical has also tweaked the netbook edition of Ubuntu with a new user interface called Unity, screenshots of which are available here. The new interface has bigger icons with a sort of Windows 7-like task bar on the side, and it purportedly supports "touch and gestures for the increasing number of devices that will support it."

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