Android-based HP slate spotted in Taiwan

HP made its desire to introduce a Windows-based slate device public back in January, and after its acquisition of Palm this spring, we learned that the company is also planning some WebOS slates. That's not all, though. DigiTimes caught a glimpse of the Zeen, an Android-based slate that will reportedly be sold together with HP printers, at an event in Taiwan today.

DigiTimes says the Zeen has a seven-inch display and "HP's TouchSmart interface for operating the printer." The Android operating system is tweaked—the photo in the article makes that much obvious—and HP has reportedly scrapped GMail, Android Market, and "multimedia playback" apps, narrowing the device's focus somewhat compared to the iPad.

I wouldn't necessarily expect HP to maintain three different lines of slates running three different operating systems for too long, though. TechCrunch recently heard straight from Todd Bradley, HP's freshly minted Personal Systems Group Executive VP (and Palm's former CEO), that HP plans to sell "15 million printers that use WebOS." That makes it sound as though the Zeen's successors might just ditch Android for WebOS.

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