Samsung X430 notebook promises bloat-free Windows install

For some of us, wiping the hard drive and reinstalling Windows is a ritual that accompanies every new notebook purchase. Systems are so loaded down with bloatware these days, it's often quicker to start from scratch than to remove extraneous applications one at a time. Alternately, you could opt for Samsung's X430, which Engadget says will be available through Microsoft stores exclusively—and come with a clean Windows install that's free of bloat.

Well, make that mostly free of bloat. Microsoft is bundling a few of its own applications with the X430, including the Windows Live suite, Bing Maps, and Security Essentials. That still pales in comparison to the prolific glut of pre-installed software we've seen on some new systems.

So, what about the actual notebook? Samsung's latest 14-incher offers 1366x768 pixels of display resolution, an Ultra-Low Voltage Core i3 CPU, GeForce 310M graphics, an optical drive, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB of mechanical storage. There's no word on whether Nvidia's Optimus graphics switching tech has been implemented or what sort of battery life the X430 offers, but the price is pegged at $1,099. Engadget was impressed with the system's "premium feel," as well, although it was less keen on the faux carbon fiber lid.

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