Otellini: Intel committed to winning slate segment

After yesterday's quarterly results announcement, Intel CEO Paul Otellini hopped on a conference call to discuss the numbers and answer some questions. EE Times says Otellini took the opportunity to "[throw] down the gauntlet" when the subject of slate devices was brought up.

The Intel CEO reportedly stated, "We will use all the assets at our disposal to win this segment." He went on to downplay the iPad's alleged cannibalization of notebook sales:

"No one knows how much canabalization there is in tablets, but the numbers are relatively small," said Otellini. "In the end, the tablet category will add to our bottom line not take away from it," he said promising announcements of Intel-based tablets running Android, MeeGo and Windows in coming months.

Intel's Atom certainly seems like a suitable candidate for slates, but Intel is facing a well-established competitor in ARM. Leslie Fiering of Gartner, one of the analysts quoted in the EE Times piece, sums up the situation nicely, saying ARM is "still more cost effective," and that Intel's performance edge doesn't count for very much in a market that's all about compact form factors and long battery life.

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