Truly Ergonomic keyboard has novel design, Cherry switches

Microsoft's Natural keyboards popularized ergonomic designs in the early 90s, but they seem to have faded into obscurity. At least one keyboard maker would have you believe that they weren't truly ergonomic, anyway. Truly Ergonomic has a keyboard of its own, and the company claims the unique design is the first "major update" to the keyboard in 140 years. Judge for yourself:

As you can see, the Truly Ergonomic keyboard ditches the staggered key layout that's been around since the typewriter. The keys don't sit on a flat plane, either; they gain elevation to the left and right of center to better conform to the shape of one's hands. This novel layout is said to promote healthy posture and reduce wrist, shoulder, neck, and even lower back pain.

What makes the Truly Ergonomic keyboard particularly interesting is the fact that it's loaded with other features. Cherry MX mechanical switches are used throughout, and you can choose between brown, blue, and black variants based on your preference. There's a measure of programmability, too, and macro support is promised. You can even get the keyboard with blank keycaps like the Das Keyboard Ultimate.

Like the Das Keyboard, the Truly Ergonomic isn't cheap. The list price is $199, although you'll only pay $169 if you pre-order now. Orders received before October 15 are expected to be delivered in December. Thanks to TechCrunch for the tip.

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