Slates not a huge priority for AMD, CEO hints

Just like Intel's Otellini, AMD CEO Dirk Meyer talked about the nascent slate market in a conference call about his company's latest quarterly results. The folks at eWeek were on the call, and they suggest Meyer isn't as eager as Intel's Paul Otellini to clench the market. Rather, it sounds like AMD is taking more of a wait-and-see approach.

Speaking about hardware makers putting netbook processors inside slates, Meyer predicted, "I think you'll see AMD solutions in tablets in the next couple of years for that reason." However, eWeek says the CEO added, "We're still so small in the notebook market that given all of the opportunities in front of us it doesn't make sense for us to start turning R&D dollar spending toward the tablet market yet."

Over the short term, AMD's low-power Fusion APUs like Ontario could find their way inside x86 slates—but with a 9W power envelope, Ontario might be a little power-hungry for an iPad killer. Still, considering the competition both Intel and AMD face from low-power ARM processors in the slate market, waiting for Intel to carve out an x86 slate segment before jumping in could work for AMD in the long run.

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