Iomega announces tiny USB 3.0 SSD

To take advantage of the wealth of bandwidth offered by USB 3.0, external drive makers are increasingly turning to flash memory. Iomega's latest SuperSpeed device is the unimaginatively named SSD Flash Drive, which packs 64, 128, or 256GB of MLC NAND into a tiny enclosure that measures just 4.35" x 2.72" x 0.37". Total weight? Less than a quarter of a pound.

Although Iomega's spec sheet and official press release don't provide details on the flash controller used in the drive, it's said to offer hardware support for 256-bit AES encryption. The drive looks to be pretty quick, too; it can purportedly hit maximum read speeds of 191MB/s, and writes top out at 130MB/s.

The SSD Flash Drive isn't on sale just yet, but it's expected to become available in November. 64GB models are slated to sell for $229, while 128GB and 256GB variants will be priced at $399 and $749, respectively. You didn't expect it to be cheap, did you? To be fair, OCZ's USB 3.0-powered Enyo SSD is available at similar prices. The Enyo's a little larger than the Iomega drive, but it also has higher rated read and write speeds.

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