Friday night topic: Which games have you been playing the most?

Earlier this week, we asked about your most anticipated PC game of this holiday season. Today, we're curious about what you've been playing this past year. The gaming market has expanded considerably, and the diverse mix of titles for a multitude of platforms provides plenty of options. Obviously, we have a lot of hardcore PC gamers in our midst. But I suspect that most of our readers also have consoles in their living rooms, and a fair number likely have spent a considerable amount of time playing games on their smart phones.

I'm not all that interested in gaming on a tiny screen. However, I continue to sink hours into Forza Motorsport 3 and Geometry Wars on my Xbox 360, and I spent a decent amount of time with Splinter Cell: Conviction. On the PC, I've worked my way through a number of short single-player campaigns, none of which have come close to consuming the amount of time I've lost to grinding through Borderlands. So, which titles and platforms have dominated your gaming habits over the past year? Discuss.

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