VIA ready to launch P4 chipsets

VIA would like to preen by glittering its Pentium 4 chipsets at CeBIT but, um, Intel still hasn't given VIA the license to actually build them. The Register tells it.
For months, VIA, the world's biggest chipset designer, has proclaimed its intention to build chipsets for the Pentium 4, with or without Intel's formal permission. But all the time the company expressed confidence in its ability to secure a licence from Intel.

Few believed the company would actually go ahead and launch product - VIA has already been tied up in one long, expensive patent lawsuit with Intel, so who could guess that it has the stomach for a second bout?

So are we coming in or coming out? On the other hand, Athlon 1.3GHz processors look poised for a real launch.

Stop the presses: Forge sends word that it looks like Athlon 1.3GHz/200MHz DDR FSB processors might be running 12.5 x ~105 and not 13 X 100 (the FSB 'automagically' bumps up 5MHz when the multiplier is set to 12.5). I have also heard of unlocked TBirds running around. Holmanator lets us know that iComPz is selling 1GHz/266MHz DDR FSB TBirds (only 100 in stock). Thanks to both.

Intel has granted ALi a license to build Pentium 4 compatible chipsets.

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