AMD demos Llano, confirms mid-2011 release

At today's AMD Technical Forum and Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan, corporate VP and general manager of AMD's client division Chris Cloran revealed that the much-anticipated Llano APU will arrive in "mid 2011." Llano started sampling way back in April, and it was initially expected to arrive later this year or early next. Cloran went on to show off one of the first Llano wafers built using GlobalFoundries' 32-nano fabrication process.

Shiny wafers are neat to look at and all, but the demo that followed was far more interesting. AMD showed a quad-core Llano system playing a high-def video clip while running a DirectCompute-enabled celestial body simulation and a four-way instance of HyperPi. Video playback was smooth despite the fact that all four CPU cores were pegged at full utilization during the demo.

TR regulars will know Llano is a desktop-bound APU that consolidates a graphics processor and four Phenom II-derived CPU cores on a single die. You won't have to wait until the middle of next year to get your hands on AMD's first Fusion offering, though. According to Cloran, AMD's Bobcat-based Brazos APU is still on track to infiltrate the mobile world in the "first part of 2011." Cloran was particularly enthusiastic about Brazos, whose first silicon was solid enough to boot three operating systems within 48 hours of coming back from the fab. Brazos won't just be for notebooks, either. AMD's first APU will also make its way into nettops and desktop motherboards, presumably of the small-form-factor variety.

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