Apple posts another round of record quarterly results

Every quarter seems to break some kind of new record for Apple lately. This time, the company says its fourth fiscal quarter set new high-water marks almost across the board: revenue, profits, and Mac, iPhone, and iPad shipments. The only part of Apple's business that shrank was the iPod, but that's not exactly a new trend—and fresh iPhone shipments seem to be more than making up for it.

Financially, Apple saw some pretty sizable increases both sequentially and compared to the same quarter a year back. Gross margins took a hit, though:

   Q4FY09 Q3FY10 Q4FY10
Revenue  $12.21 billion $15.70 billion  $20.34 billion
Net profit  $2.53 billion  $3.25 billion  $4.31 billion
Gross margin  41.8%  39.1% 36.9%

In terms of unit shipments, the iPhone looks to growing faster than ever. The iPad ain't doing so bad, either:

   Q4FY09 Q3FY10 Q4FY10
Macs  3.05 million 3.47 million 3.89 million
iPods  10.2 million 9.41 million 9.05 million
iPhones  7.4 million 8.40 million 14.1 million
iPads  - 3.27 million 4.19 million

Apple expects to one-up itself again this quarter, with revenue projected to hit $23 billion. Presumably, that small commercial event known as "the holidays" will help drive new shipment records, as well.

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