Missouri Day Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. Mac Rumors: iLife '11, MacBook Air, and possible new product revealed by Apple
  2. Fudzilla reports Ontario and Zacate Fusion launch at CES 2011;
    APU and GPU can be symbiotic, says AMD exec
  3. C|Net offers a peek into the future of Intel processors
  4. [H]ard|OCP weighs in on benchmark wars
  5. Eurogamer reports Alan Wave dev hiring for AAA 360 game
  6. Shacknews reports BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II
    Invitational Tournament players revealed

Missouri Day

  1. Symbian Foundation chief Lee Williams steps down
  2. C|Net reports Canada slaps Google for Street View Wi-Fi intercepts
  3. Ars Technica cites report: Our ISPs may be slow, but at least they're honest
  4. VR-Zone reports OCZ Technology opens SSD factory in Taiwan
  5. DigiTimes reports Foxconn, Quanta, AUO expected to be in
    supply chain
    for MacBook Air, say Taiwan component makers
  6. Expreview reports Core i3-540 with K0 stepping core makes its debut
  7. SemiAccurate: Renesas working on two new USB 3.0 host controllers
  8. Fudzilla reports Radeon HD 6870 is a 255mm chip
    and Radeon HD 6850 has 960 SPs
    and Asus readies oveclocked Barts
  9. VR-Zone reports Ericsson IPTV Remote drives TV touch screen trend
  10. C|Net reports YouTube Leanback launches on Google TV
  11. TorrentFreak reports filmmaker schools pirates on correct way to rip his DVD
  12. DSLReports: ISP, university 'piracy tax' vaporware so far

  1. C|Net reports Verizon Wireless steps toward tiered data pricing
  2. Ars Technica reports Verizon calls "first!" on $599 Samsung Galaxy Tab
  3. Hexus.net reports Samsung reveals Galaxy Tab accessories
  4. Leaving the laptop at home: Why Apple's iPad works as a platform
  5. VR-Zone reports Nokia N8 now available for pre-order
  6. DigiTimes reports HTC denies reports of Windows Phone 7 bugs
  7. SuperSite for Windows: Windows Phone 7 in the enterprise?
  8. Ars Technica reports new iPhone variant in field testing, may be 2011 Verizon model
  9. HTC Vision / T-Mobile G2 overclock module
  10. C|Net reports 6.1 trillion text messages to be sent in 2010
    and new Barnes & Noble Nook coming soon?
  11. PCWorld: Why is Angry Birds addictive?

  1. C|Net reports China pledges to crack down on pirated software
  2. Exchange Server 2010 architecture poster (PDF)
  3. C|Net reports Mozilla plots web app store tools, updates Firefox
    and Panda Antivirus debuts for the Mac
  4. Docs.com Blog: Search improvements, PDF, user-generated templates
  5. Microsoft's Infrastructure Planning and Design guide
  6. For IT professionals: Group Policy for Microsoft Office 2010
  7. Microsoft junk e-mail reporting add-in for MS Office Outlook

  1. Take-Two: Expect digital game sales to grow
  2. Changes coming to Xbox.com
  3. VG247 reports Shogun 2 "not going out the door until the AI is perfect"
  4. Shacknews reports Medal of Honor adding multiplayer mode, two maps
  5. The real soldier behind the 'Call of Duty' games
  6. Left 4 Dead 2, Mafia II, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter,
    Team Fortress 2 updates released on Steam
  7. Techgage reviews Medal of Honor
  8. Steam's midweek madness sale - Disciples franchise at 50% off
Systems and storage

  1. InsideHW reviews Toshiba Satellite A665: Notebook in 3D
  2. AMD talks Llano & Radeon HD 6800 @ Techgage
  3. Hardware Secrets has a first look at Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3
  4. OCC reviews Asus M4A88TD-V EVO / USB3
  5. AnandTech reviews 3TB WD Caviar Green and 3TB MyBook Essential drives
  6. TweakTown reviews 3TB Western Digital Caviar Green
  7. Futurelooks reviews 500GB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 3.0
  8. Hardware Canucks review 120GB OCZ RevoDrive PCI-E SSD

  1. bit-tech and Technic3D (in German) review GeForce GTX 470 Amp!
  2. PC Perspective and PureOC review MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB Hawk
  3. ProClockers review Arctic Sound P311 headphones
Power, cases, and cooling

  1. AnandTech reviews 460W Seasonic X-Series SS-460FL PSU
  2. Tweaknews on Cooler Master Elite 370 case
  3. KitGuru reviews Lian Li PC-B25F case
  4. Funky Kit reviews Noctua NH-U9B SE2 CPU cooler
  5. ThinkComputers reviews GlacialTech Alaska CPU cooler
  6. TWL reviews OCZ Freeze thermal compound
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