Latest 3DMark 11 trailer shows tessellated jungle

Futuremark is still working away on the next version of 3DMark, and it's released another video trailer to tease the project. The trailer, entitled High Temple, displays "advanced tessellation and lighting effects rendered in real-time by 3DMark 11’s native DirectX 11 engine." I'd say it looks a little bit like a crossover between Crysis and Far Cry 2:

The demo purportedly uses volumetric lighting effects to filter sunbeams through the foliage, tessellation to increase the detail of the temple and the jungle, and miscellaneous post-processing to add depth-of-field and lens effects to the mix. An Antec logo is also used to "ensure that Futuremark can offer a free edition of the benchmark alongside the paid editions."

Check out the gallery below for some official screenshots of 3DMark 11. Futuremark still intends to release the benchmark later this year, although it's not naming a specific time frame just yet.

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