Report: GeForce GTX 580 coming later this year

At this point, it's not exactly a secret that AMD has a pair of next-gen Radeon 6800-series graphics cards geared up for an imminent launch. The rumor mill hasn't said much about what Nvidia is doing to counter this fresh onslaught—until now.

Citing anonymous sources at graphics card makers, DigiTimes brings word that a GeForce GTX 580 graphics card will be with us in late November or early December. The card is said to perform 20% better than the existing GeForce GTX 480 and to feature a new graphics chip, the GF110.

DigiTimes goes on to suggest Nvidia has GF110 derivatives dubbed GF112, GF114, and GF119 primed for next year. Those chips should supplant the existing GF104, GF106, and GF108 GPUs that power the GeForce GTX 460, GTS 450, and GT 430, respectively.

That's about it as specific as the report gets, unfortunately. I'm left wondering where that puts the existing GF100, GF104, and GF106, none of which are implemented with all of their execution resources switched on in current products. Could the rumored GF11x parts simply be new, fully enabled versions of the same GPUs?

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