Release roundup: Meaty laptops and new software

This week in our look at miscellaneous product releases, we have news from Dell, Eurocom, Nvidia, and Opera Software:

  • Dell re-imagines high-definition entertainment with new family of XPS laptops. The XPS line is reborn! 14", 15" and 17" models now listed on Dell's website at starting prices of $899, $849, and $949, respectively. (No, you didn't read that wrong—the XPS 15 is actually cheaper than the XPS 14. Go figure.) These systems all include Core i5 or i7 processors from Intel and Optimus-enabled GeForce 400M-series discrete graphics from Nvidia. Thanks to Nvidia's 3DTV Play software, Dell says you can pipe stereoscopic 3D content from these puppies into your nearest 3D HDTV, as well.

  • Eurocom breaks 24GB memory barrier in its line of Panther super-notebooks. Unlike Dell, Eurocom isn't talking about gaming and entertainment laptops here. Panther notebooks are aimed at "CAD/CAM designers, engineers, architects and designers who must frequently travel, yet need access to powerful computing." In any case, the Panther 2.0 and Panther D900F are now available with up to 24GB of RAM. Other options include six-core Core i7 or Xeon processors and GeForce GTX 480M or Quadro discrete graphics. Just keep that expense form handy, because prices start at $3,000 with much tamer specs than those.
  • Nvidia 3DTV Play software now available. We already talked about 3DTV Play when discussing the new Dells, but Nvidia actually announced this software earlier today. With 3DTV Play, Nvidia explains that "any compatible NVIDIA GeForce GPU-powered system can be connected to a HDMI 1.4 3D HDTV." The software is available free of charge on the aforementioned Dell XPS notebooks and home-theater machines from ASRock and Zotac, and it should be a free upgrade for "all 3D Vision PCs." Everyone else will have to wait until November and pay up. Check this page for more details.

  • Developers now able to author, upload and share extensions for Opera 11. Yes, Opera is still around, and new releases are still popping out at a decent pace. With the latest pre-release version of the browser, Opera Software has introduced support for extensions—you know, those add-ons everyone already enjoys in Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. I suppose it can't hurt to have another healthy contestant in the browser wars.

Those new Dell XPS laptops are pretty slick-looking, and at those prices, the hardware inside could be a lot worse. I wish Dell offered a 13.3" model, though.

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